it's not so bad...

One of my committee members dropped out. Since my defense was supposed to be tomorrow, that means postponing it a few weeks while we find another person and give them time to get up to speed. Disappointing, but not that big a deal. We still move on Friday, I'll just have to make one last trip up to Hueco later this month.

Yes, my life will be marginally more stressful between now and then, but there's nothing to do about it, and it's not too bad.

Update: It's really not so bad at all. Another professor, hearing my plight, took pity on my poor soul and has undertaken the herculean effort of digesting my 68 page project document in less than two days. It looks like he'll actually make it too! My defense is postponed only until Wednesday. That doesn't mean it's a sure thing, but it gives me a good shot.


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Grad school doesn't leave a lot of room for a social life. Certainly nothing to write about, unless you care about my frustrations with technology. That should change soon. That ends Tuesday, then we move to Austin, have a whole month off, and then start a job that sends me all over the country. My first day is in Boston. That's pretty cool.

Hopefully this will be a journal of cool stuff I do while traveling and when I'm home in Austin. I'm sure I'll also resume a bit of the philosophical bent this blog had long ago, but probably with less of the bad poetry/stream of consciousness/"look how emo I am" content. Stupid emo kids.

I'll be 25 this year. There's no avoiding it, I'm a grownup now. But, that doesn't mean we have to act like our parents.